Pre-Registration for the Class of 2026 is NOW OPEN!

Ready to register to attend SJA?  Register to create your student’s record for next year’s freshman class at St. James Academy. Please provide the important details, and choose your payment option for the Pre-registration Fee. Once this form is submitted, your students will be locked in for the St. James Academy Class of 2026! We can’t wait to see what this group will achieve at SJA and in the future.

*If you have a current student, you will need to create a new account.  This is not Powerschool.


Please review the transfer process below for transferring schools during the current school year as a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior. Each transfer will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

The following steps are in place to ensure a fair assessment for all candidates.

  1. Please complete this survey.
  2. Forward a transcript from the current school’s registrar, as well as attendance records, to the Admissions Office.
  3. Upon completion of steps one and two, the candidate and at least one parent will be taking part in an “interview for transfer” conducted by representatives of the St. James Academy Administrative Team and a counseling team representative.
  4. If approved for further consideration, the next step may include a shadow visit (if the student has not already been a shadow guest in the past) on recommended dates provided by the Admissions Office.
  5. Upon admission, a behavior and expectations contract is required for transfer students, administered through the Dean of Student’s Office.

Contact the Admissions Office for more information!


International students who wish to attend St. James Academy, or families who wish to host an international student should contact the Admissions Office at St. James Academy by April 1st prior to the year the student wishes to attend.

Admission decisions will be dependent on several factors, including available space, the number of exchange students currently attending and the student’s year in school. Should space be available, potential students will then undergo a formal written application and an interview with the student and /or the potential host family before a final decision on admission is made.

  • International students who are admitted to St. James Academy will pay full tuition, as well as all other student fees.
  • St. James Academy will transcript all academic courses the student completes. However, St. James Academy will not issue diplomas to exchange students.
  • When international students return home, the Kansas Secretary of State must validate the student’s attendance.
  • A $100 processing fee will be charged to cover the preparation of the documents, as well as the travel to and from Topeka, KS, for the validation.

Further inquiries can be made by contacting the Admissions Office at St. James Academy.


DECEMBER 4, 2021, JANUARY 8TH, 2022 (Makeup) 

All incoming freshmen are expected to take the placement test at the high school where they’re most likely to enroll. Student’s may register for either test to be considered for a placement test award. Check-in by 7:45 am, testing begins at 8:00 am, then a community-building lunch is provided before dismissal at 12noon. Students may qualify for awards based on test achievement. If your high school choice is not yet determined at test time, that’s okay; register with a testing location and the high schools will share results later.


Freshmen and at least one parent should attend, to receive their placement test scores and the next steps to finalize enrollment. Sessions with each assigned counselor will help clarify the freshman curriculum.


All placement test award recipients and scholarship winners are invited with their parents, 8th-grade teachers, principals and pastors to celebrate their achievements and set expectations for continued excellence in high school. This is an invitation-only event.



An additional placement test is required for students wishing to be placed in Honors Spanish II or Honors Latin II. This test is different from the general placement test given in December and January.

Test will be given at St. James and students may attend either date. Registration is required.


St. James Academy offers 4 different test awards to incoming freshman who test at SJA and qualify based on their test scores.

Archbishop Award winners are recognized for scoring in the top percentile of the testers at St. James. They receive $1500 their freshman year and $1000 each year thereafter, so long as they’re students in good standing. This group is recommended for several, if not all, Pre-AP curriculum their freshman year.

President Award winners are recognized for being the second percentile of testers. They receive $1000 their freshman year, and $500 each year thereafter so long as they’re students in good standing. Most of these students will be recommended for Pre-AP courses their freshman year.

Principal Award winners are recognized for being in the third percentile of our testing group. They receive $500 their freshman year, and $250 each year thereafter so long as they’re students in good standing. They will likely be recommended for Pre-AP courses their freshman year.

Thunder Award winners are recognized for being in the fourth percentile of our testing group. They receive $250 their freshman year and will likely be recommended for Pre-AP courses their freshman year.


St. James Academy offers several scholarships for incoming freshman, to reward their accomplishments in academics as well as in their faith life and community involvement.

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