International students who wish to attend St. James Academy, or families who wish to host an international student should contact the Admissions Office at St. James Academy by April 1st prior to the year the student wishes to attend.

Admission decisions will be dependent on several factors, including available space, the number of exchange students currently attending and the student’s year in school. Should space be available, potential students will then undergo a formal written application and an interview with the student and /or the potential host family before a final decision on admission is made. International students who are admitted to St. James Academy will pay full tuition, as well as all other student fees.

St. James Academy will transcript all academic courses the student completes. However, St. James Academy will not issue diplomas to exchange students. When international students return home, the Kansas Secretary of State must validate the student’s attendance. A $100 processing fee will be charged to cover the preparation of the documents, as well as the travel to and from Topeka, KS, for the validation. Further inquiries can be made by contacting the Admissions Office at St. James Academy.

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