We know that families make sacrifices to be part of Catholic school communities. Consider the returns on your investment in St. James Academy.

While it’s impossible to put a dollar value on the faith-centered curriculum and its benefits to students currently and in their lives beyond high school, we can demonstrate the financial impact of the quality academic curriculum at St. James. Consider that 88% of 2020 graduates intend to enroll in a four-year college, while many more others chose two-year colleges or vocational programs or to enter the military.

Colleges offered this class nearly $16 million in scholarships, recognizing their academic, volunteerism, leadership and athletic abilities. The average offer per student for the next four years was $52,933; they accepted $18,700. So consider that the investment in four years’ Catholic high school is likely returned as college scholarship awards.

Call, or email, the Admissions Office to discuss the opportunities for your student! 913-254-4271.

“The quality of life I have today derived from my parents’ investment in my Catholic education years ago.”

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